Close Keegan Landfill

Close Keegan Landfill

Call 24/7 When You Smell Toxic Air NJDEP Hotline 1-877-927-6337 or Download WARN NJ DEP Phone App

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The Promise: Recreational Space and a Golf Course.

The Promise:

Recreational Space and a Golf Course

Air Quality Meters installed by Town of Kearny on perimeter of Keegan Landfill, Kearny NJ

The Reality:

High Levels of toxic Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and ordorless Methane gas.

Keegan Landfill with Harvey Field in foreground and New York City in the background.


Close. Cap. Filter the Toxic Gases. 

What was Done at Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury NJ

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September Meeting of NJSEA (Operators of Keegan)

10:00 a.m.

1 DeKorte Plaza, Lyndhurst NJ

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September Meeting of NJSEA (Operators of Keegan)

The Ten, Twelve or Thirteen Commissioners (they themselves aren't certain of the number) meet at the NJSEA Headquarters located at 1 DeKorte Plaza, Lyndhurst, NJ Please attend and speak and ask Questions at the Public Comment section of the meeting.

10:00 a.m.

1 DeKorte Plaza, Lyndhurst NJ


Facebook Group:

Photo from  NJ DEP inspector which resulted in a fine for dumping slug at the Keegan Landfill

Facebook Group: Kearny Complaints of Smells started by Melanie Ryan and assisted by Dolce Vita as an Administrator has become the Group on Facebook that has been brought attention to the Environmental Hazard called the Keegan Landfill. Worth a Visit.  Amazing Stories from Residents Suffering from the Toxic Air they are breathing. (This Facebook Group is Independent of the Close Keegan website)

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Call Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy remains silent on Keegan Landfill in Kearny NJ

Persons affected by the toxic Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Methane gas being discharged from the Keegan Landfill are urged to contact by call his office at (609) 292-6000. The Governor initially commented on the Keegan Landfill but as of April 2019 has avoided questions and not made any public comments regarding the Landfill which is owned by the State of New Jersey and operated by the NJSEA.

Governor Contact Page

NJ DEP Smartphone App


The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Has a Phone App for Android and Iphone operating system that can be used to report Air Quality Complaints. Click the Link below or Search for WARN NJDEP

Get the WARN NJDEP APP (Android)

Kearny Complaint Hotline

Hydrogen Sulfide Meter reading showing high reading

The Town of Kearny has urged residents to call the town's hotline and email the Town of Kearny in addition to using the NJ DEP hotline and calling Governor Phil Murphy.

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NJSEA Website

NJSEA the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority Logo.

The NJSEA as part of a Consent Order with the NJDEP set up a page on their website to provide updates on Air Quality. Although there is a lag in updating the website there is pertinent information including engineer reports on air testing. Take a Look.

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The Observer


The Observer Newspaper located in Kearny and serves the surrounding communities has been reporting on the Keegan Landfill and its Editor Kevin Canessa and the co-owner of the newspaper Lisa Feorenzo have been attending NJSEA meetings and reporting and providing valuable information to the community. Click the Link Below to Look at Articles and Useful Fact sheets. Lisa is battling an upper respiratory illness which she attributes to the gases being released from Keegan Landfill.

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New Jersey Supreme Court Reinstates Closure

Keegan Landfill with sports field, Harvey Field and the New York City skyline.

A Link to the article on the official Town of Kearny website regarding the New Jersey Supreme Court Reversal of the Appellate Division and reinstating the closure by Superior Court  Judge Jeff Jablonski of the Keegan Landfill in Kearny along with a history of the Keegan Landfill.

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Fenimore Landfill Model For Keegan Landfill

Roxbury NJ Sign on Route 80

The solution to the Keegan Landfill release of toxic Hydrogen Sulfide gas (not to mention orderless Methane gas) is to follow the recommendations that worked at the Fenimore Landfill which is 30 mintues away in Roxbury NJ

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Fenimore Recommendation by Geosync Consultants

Google map from the NJDEP Northern enforcement office to the Keegan Landfill in Kearny NJ

The Source document from the NJDEP webisite that supported the Closure, Capping and Air Filtration of the Fenimore Landfill is a roadmap to what needs to be done at Keegan Landfill.  The Summary says it all but if you must you can read all 356 pages.

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The Importance of Telling Your Doctor about the Keegan Landfill

Pulverized sheet rock and board being eaten by bacteria is causing the toxic hydrogen sulfide

The Observer Newspaper has been publishing important news on the Keegan Landfill including this article on how its important to tell your doctor about the Keegan Landfill.

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Keegan Landfill Health Issues

Keegan Landfill patient talking to their doctor regard H2S

A Guide to Health Issues caused by exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide published by the Observer Newspaper. 

Review Guide

Observer Gets Appellate Division Right About Being Wrong

New Jersey Supreme Court reinstates closure of the Keegan Landfill

The Observer's Newspaper Kevin Canessa editorial was right on the fact that the Appellate Division 2 Judge Panel was wrong as the New Jersey Supreme Court subsequently reinstates Superior Court's decision to temporarily close the Keegan Landfill.

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Kearny Mayor Santos Calls on Governor Murphy to Close Keegan


On April 27, 2019, Mayor Alberto Santos called upon Governor Phil Murphy to close the State owned Keegan Landfill but the governor has been silent every since.  

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Harrison Councilman Anselmo Millan & Volunteers Deliver over 2000 Signatures to Governor Murphy

Harrison Councilman Anselmo Millan gathers over 2000 signatures and delivers them to Governor Murphy

Councilman Anselmo Millan or should we say former Councilman Anselmo Millan did not let the fact that his run for Mayor of Harrison came a little bit short distract him from gathering with volunteers over  2000 signatures on a Close Keegan petition from Harrison Residents. Millan and two of his volunteers delivered the signed Petitions to Governor Phil Murphy at his office in Trenton, NJ. The Observer newspaper ran a story but we couldn't find a link to the story online but we had a paper copy and took a picture (see above).

Congressman Bill Pascrell Questions NJDEP Efforts

Congressman Bill Pascrell logo

Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. representing the 9th District along with Congressman Albio Sires asked the New Jersey Department of Environment to provide them with a staff briefing on steps taken by NJDEP on the toxic gases being relased by the Keegan Landfill.  To June 18, 2019 there has been no update from either Congressman.  They are the only elected official beside Mayor Santos and Harrison Mayor Fife (request for a partial closure) that have spoken out about Keegan

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Town of Kearny Keegan Information Page

Town of Kearny Keegan Landfill page picture.

The Town of Kearny has put together essential information on the Keegan Landfill on one page with links to Close the Keegan Landfill Petition, a Newsletter  (PDF ready to download and print), information on where to call and email to lodge complaints, details on the action plan for Harvey Field, and recent developments. 

Visit Page

Town of Kearny Keegan Landfill Information Newsletter

Town of Kearny Keegan Newsletter

Click on the link below to download the Town of Kearny Keegan Landfill Information Newsletter.  It's designed so you can print it and distribute it to your neighbors so they are aware of where to call to complain and join the grassroots group organized to Close, Cap and Filter the toxic gas coming out of the Keegan Landfill

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NJSEA Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request Form


If you are looking for information from NJSEA and the Commissioners will not provide it to you.  Complete NJSEA's OPRA Request form and the staff will have to compile the information and provide it to you. We have linked to their form.

Click for OPRA Form

The Story of the Fenimore Landfill Promises of Solar Energy Field

An article about eh James Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury New Jersey (a 30 minute ride up 280 & Rt. 80

The story of the Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury NJ (close to Morristown) is very similar to the Keegan Landfill. Click to read the story.

Read The Story

Judge Upholds $52,000 in odor fines

Fenimore Landfill Odor Fines

The NJDEP recently fined the Keegan Landfill $2000 for hydrogen sulfide gas releases and illegal dumping of sewer plant waste.  NJDEP  fine were higher for the Fenimore Landfill whose owner was an private citizen.   They actually should call them toxic gas fines because that's what it really is.

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NJSEA sells property for 42.5 Million


On June 17, 2019, NJSEA sold a track of land that was once slated to be a Golf Course.  The property borders Lyndhurst, Rutherford and North Arlington and is slated to be an industrial site. The sale was not mentioned in the June 20, 2019 NJSEA meeting. The Commisioners are not answering questions so its not known if the 42.5 million will go to the capping of the Keegan Landfill or to the American Mall whose opening has been pushed back due to cost overruns.

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Visit Our Video Page

We have started to gather videos on our video page of news reports, information and created a video that can be shared to get the message out to the community at large about Keegan. Click the link below to access the video page.

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WHERE Is Keegan Landfill

It's Closer Than You Think.

437 Bergen Avenue, Kearny NJ.  Up the block from the Walmart Shopping Mall.  It's 1.1 miles from Kearny Avenue up Bergen Street.  It is 2.6 miles (not in a straight line) to the Red Bulls Stadium.  It is 1.4 miles fro the Harrison Town Hall.  It is 1.7 miles from Kearny Town Hall on Kearny Avenue.  It is 2.9 miles from Ridge Road in North Arlington NJ It is 6.6 miles from City Hall Area in Jersey City. It is 4.2 miles from the Newark City Hall in Downtown Newark.

Close the Keegan Landfill

437 Bergen Ave, Kearny NJ 07032

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Clean Air Is Essential: Sign the Online Close Keegan Petition

Please Join Us

Reopening the Keegan Landfill was a big mistake.  The Promises that were made of recreational space and a Golf Course in retrospect were "pie in the sky" promises.  There were some who warned of what was happening now but the reality is that we cannot go back in time.  There is a solution to the toxic air being released into our community.  The solution is working at the closed Fenimore Landfill  in Roxbury not too far from the Keegan Landfill in Kearny NJ (30 minutes up Rt. 280 and Rt. 80).  Fenimore was Closed. Capped. Air Fitration put in Place. There are many residents of Kearny, Harrison, East Newark, Newark and other towns outside the area who have joined together to hold a Protest at Keegan, attend NJSEA monthly meetings, call the DEP, call the Governor, call other elected officials and report their efforts on the Facebook page Kearny Complaints for Smells.  Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos has been proactive in the installation of a Air Quality meter that demonstrated that the NJSEA lied about not being the source of the H2S gas and now it has been discovered that methane gas is also being released. A lawsuit was filed by the Town of Kearny and a Superior Court Judge closed the landfill finding "irreparable harm" but a two judge panel of the Appellate Division reopened the landfill because the gases were "legacy gases" and therefore would be released whether the landfill was opened or closed.  This ruling ignored the fact that when the garbage pile is moved or disturbed it leads to discharges in great quantities. Kearny has appealed to the New Jersey Supreme Court and hopefully the New Jersey Supreme  Court reverses the Appellate Division. There is also proof (video and photos) that Sheetrock (the source of the H2S gas) is still being brought into the facility despite assurances from the Director of Operations that it is not.  You can do your part.  Call DEP on the 1-877-927-6337 when you smell the toxic air. Call the Governor (see above). Attend the NJSEA monthly meeting.  Walk in our Neighborhood and let peple know about this website and the Facebook Group.  The Battle to have our elected officials and the Commissioners of the NJSEA do what is just continues but together as a group we will achieve the goal. Elected Officials cannot trade our health for money generated by the Keegan Landfill.  Thank you for your anticipated help  

Update:  The New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously (all the Justices) voted to reverse the Appellate Division decision and uphold the finding of irreparable harm being caused by the Keegan Landfill operators, NJSEA, and remanded the case back to the Chancery Court in Jersey City for further hearings.  There was a trial in Chancery Court and a decision is expected to be rendered within the next few weeks.